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Did Jesus Really Mean It?

Jesus’ teachings are very much based on hope, and more than hope, faith – faith that our hopes will be fulfilled. What a difference it would make to the Christian world if we truly believed the promises of Jesus.

19 Oct 2020 0


Sunday talk from Rev. Rhonda Murray on 10th of Feb 2019 Jesus taught, “Love one another as I have loved you”. LOVE is such an overused word in English because it lacks the many different dimensions of love. If we love our mother, and we love pizza, that is rather insulting for our mother!! I’d…
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10 Feb 2019 0


Message from Rev. Rhonda Murray Sunday Service Message 27 Jan. 2019 I sometimes get questioned about why Unity places so much importance on the Bible.  Without the Bible, without Jesus’ teachings, Unity would be just another personal development program. In Unity we explore the Bible stories, especially the Gospels, to find meaning relevant to our…
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6 Feb 2019 0

Christmas – The Season of The Soul

Message from Sunday 14th December 2014 The world is filled with the sounds of Christmas.  If you listen with your outer ears, you will hear carols, bells and laughter, and now and then a sob of loneliness. In a recent tragedy on Mt. Everest, one of the leading Sherpas stopped and said, “My ear is…
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5 Jan 2019 0

“Thank God for Challenges!”

With Julian Harvey LUTC The following article is a transcript of a Sunday Service talk by Julian in September 2018   If we take in the teaching through Unity that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, we need to see that God is in everything including our challenges in that human experience. Secondly there…
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1 Jan 2019 0