Unity – A Way of Life

Reflections of Truth Inc.

Unity teachings are based on 5 principles:

1. There is only one Presence and one Power active as the Universe and in my life. God the Good.

  • By God we mean the Spiritual Power everywhere present and all good

2. Our essence is of God; therefore we are inherently good. This God essence was fully expressed in Jesus, the Christ.

  • All people are created as expressions of the divinity that was in Jesus

3. We are co-creators with God, creating reality through thoughts held in Mind.

  • We are co-creators of our world through our thoughts and feelings

4. Through prayer and meditation, we align our heart-mind with God. Denials and affirmations are tools we use.

  • Prayer and Meditation are the basis of our spiritual development.

5. Through thoughts, words, and actions, we live the Truth we know.

  • As we grow spiritually, our understanding becomes a way of life.

Unity attracts spiritual seekers who believe that we as humans are more than a physical, thinking, feeling being, but are looking for something different to the traditional churches or Eastern philosophy.

Unity fills that need for people of all ages because our principles are based on science, psychology and spirituality, and on the teachings of Jesus as far as we can know them. Our teachings are compatible with the latest understanding of how the brain works. They can be understood by children and adults alike.

We don't believe in a superhuman god up there in the sky with a big stick in one hand and a magic wand in the other, nor do we offer a magic key, a formula, the right words to affirm to make everything in life fall into place. Spiritual understanding helps us deal with life and to live it fully, it does not save us from it.

Unity and Science

Scientifically we know that the world around us reacts according to the vibration we send out to it, and that vibration depends on the thoughts and feelings that form our beliefs and attitudes. Spiritually, we are co-creators of our world, individually and through combined human consciousness.

Modern brain research shows that our brains form connectors that build structures according to our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes, many of which may go back into the past. Our ability to tap into opportunities for good or less-than-good depend on what we have built into our consciousness, how we see ourselves, and what we believe. Understanding that we are spiritual beings expressing through our human selves ensures we are using our mind, and our brain, to attract good.

Neuroscience today teaches us that through the Reticular Activating System we bring into our awareness proof that our beliefs are true. It will act according to our ingrained beliefs, whether positive and joyful, or negative and dis-empowering.

Making a Difference

When we develop spiritual understanding that we are spiritual beings, sent here to experience this world in a physical body with a human ego, we can use the power of choice. We are not puppets, but get to chose the way we experience this opportunity.

We are created good and all-good is available for us, and on our ability to live in that expectation. Our combined consciousness determines the consciousness of our communities and ultimately humankind. As we grow in consciousness, we contribute more positively to overall human consciousness.

Only by developing our own spiritual awareness first can we “let our light shine” to encourage others to become more spiritually aware. Only by establishing our own health and prosperity do we have what it takes to help others. Only by centering ourselves in prayer first can we hold others in prayer, releasing them to their highest good whatever that may be.

Peace, love, and joy all start within, and express in our lives as wisdom, healing, prosperity and everything good. The vibration we send out offers unity to all.

Unity Language

Unity began in the nineteenth century, when spirituality leaned on religion for its vocabulary. In 21st century Australia, we are moving with Unity globally to bring the language into the current age, using more inclusive terms than old male-centric language, and avoiding “traditional Christian” terms that cause confusion until redefined.

Terms such as God, Father, and Christ, (to name a few) are so commonly used it is hard to separate them from traditional assumptions about them. We are attempting to use language that is free of “baggage” from the past, or, when we use such terms, to redefine them in line with spiritual understanding.

To quote an example from Paul Hasselbeck in his excellent Unity textbook, Heart-Centered Metaphysics – A Deeper Look at Unity Teachings:

“Unity believes what Jesus taught: The kingdom of heaven is within and the Christ is within. … The teaching is really that the kingdom of heaven is a state of consciousness. The kingdom of heaven is within consciousness and the Christ within is within consciousness. Neither can be separate from us.”

Unity Metaphysics

In Unity, we look for the deeper meaning of these terms as it relates to each of us individually. One definition of Metaphysics is: “That which is true of the inner life of every human being, regardless of time, place and circumstance.” We use this understanding to find in the stories of the Bible their relevance to our lives today.

For further information on Unity philosophy, refer to the Unity Village website or Unity Worldwide Ministries