Author: Julian Harvey

Reflections of Truth Inc.

Ten Commandments – Metaphysically

The ten commandments have formed the basis for civilized life for most of the western world for at least 2600 years. We find them in two books of the Torah, Exodus and Deuteronomy, where they are an important part of the story of Moses bringing the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt.  As they set…
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9 Nov 2020 0

Spring Cleaning

Spring is the season when many of us decide it is time to give our homes an extra special cleaning which for me also means releasing items I no longer need or use.

12 Oct 2020 0

“Faith the size of a mustard seed”

If we have faith the size of a tiny seed which can grow into a huge tree, our word will be fulfilled. Whats more, with faith, nothing will be impossible for us.

18 Jul 2020 0

“Empower Yourself”

E = Empower: “make stronger and more confident” – its about making ourselves stronger and more confident.  Like on a plane – fit your own mask first, empower self before we can help others to empower themselves.  Power is one of our spiritual gifts, and to use it well we need to Empower ourselves and…
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19 Jun 2020 0

“Love, Listen, and Let go.”

This week I read about a 6 year old whose dog had to be euthanized.  As he sat with his parents, stroking the sleeping dog, they discussed the question, “Why do people live longer than dogs?” The boy surprised them with his answer. ”People are born so that they can learn how to live a…
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19 May 2019 0

“The Courage to Confront Challenge”.

Palm Sunday talk by Rev. Rhonda Murray – Sunday 14th 2019 Palm Sunday is associated with Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, with the crowds laying down palm leaves and shouting, “Hosannah”. Yet less than a week later we are told the people were demanding his crucifixion. How can this be?  This is part 1 of…
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17 Apr 2019 0