Unity is a spiritual movement founded on the universal, spiritual teachings of Jesus. Most people see Unity as a spiritual way of life rather than a religion.

Unity believes that Jesus taught and demonstrated a universal spiritual truth about humankind’s relationship with God. We interpret his teachings about the Kingdom of God as a state of being that can be attained on earth as human beings awaken to the presence and power of God within. Unity’s five basic teachings support that concept.

Unity’s Five Principles

  • There is one presence and one power active in the universe, God.
  • We are spiritual beings. The spirit of God lives within and AS each person; therefore, all people are inherently good.
  • We create our life experiences through our feelings and thoughts.
  • There is power in affirmative prayer, which we believe increases our awareness of God.
  • Knowledge of these spiritual principles is not enough. We must live them.

Unity embraces because we believe there is truth in all teachings, and fully support the freedom of each individual to seek the truth for themselves. Unity promotes a way of life that leads to health, prosperity, happiness, and peace of mind. We address physical, mental, and emotional needs through affirmative prayer and spiritual education.

We believe that all people are created with sacred worth, and we strive to reach out to all who seek support and spiritual growth. Therefore, we recognize the importance of fully embracing all people in ways that are loving and unifying, not divisive. Our sincere desire is to create spiritually aware organizations that are nondiscriminatory and support diversity.

Unity has sometimes been confused with other religious groups with similar names, such as the Unitarian Universalist Church and the Unification Church. We are not affiliated with either organization. Whether you have a church home, have never joined a church, or already practice Unity principles, we welcome you as a kindred spirit who is learning to apply spiritual principles in pursuit of a happier, healthier, and more prosperous life.